Find Your Place in the Global Population Pyramid

Global Development

The World Bank along with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis operate an online portal where you can find your place in the Global Population Pyramid. For example, if you are Australian and today was your 30th Birthday, this interactive website would show you that while the majority of the world’s population are younger than you, 60% of Australians are older than you. To find out more check out the following video or the website for yourself.

This initiative highlights that the shape of a country’s population pyramid tends to correspond with their overall level of development. Typically high income countries, like Japan or Australia, have an aging population where the average person is well over 30. While most middle income countries, like China and India, are in the process of benefiting from a demographic dividend whereby the bulk of the population are of working age. Whereas in the average low income country, such as Uganda or Mozambique, the vast majority of people are below the age of 30. You can use the online portal to see how your place in the global population pyramid would vary if you had been born in a different country or time period.


The World Population Project 2015 <>

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